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Pet Country has been in business for over 25 years.  Mike Anderson, the owner, has been in the animal field since he first started for Elliot Bay Animal Hospital in 1982.  Mike has a vast knowledge of care, for all types of animals. In fact when Mike first purchased Pet Country they sold all kinds of puppies and small animals. He quickly realized that he didn't want to sell animals anymore and would rather promote adoptions, and rescues, and educating owners of the value of good nutrition. Mike also is a proud owner of Elvis, his Basenji, and his two cats, Nappo and JoJo.

Trace Warren, has been with Pet Country since July of 2013. She first start working there part-time while attending PIMA for Veterinary Assistant.  Trace got her Certification in January 2014 and decided to stay on full-time. Her main reason for her decision was that she felt she was able to apply her knowledge better here helping customers with nutritional education. "I also love our customers!  We have the best, loyal customers out there. They have all in one way or another become great relationships- kind of like an extended family." Trace also owns two English Bulldogs, Brayden and Bella and a Rottweiler, Trinity.

Mike and Trace and the rest of the team are always available to answer any questions that you might have, or help you in finding that perfect toy or treat.